Saturday, September 4, 2010

WHY? Planning Your Homeschool- Part Two

"These words, which I am ordering you today, are to be on your heart; and you are to teach them carefully to your children. You are to talk about them when you sit at home, when you are traveling on the road, when you lie down and when you get up." ~Deuteronomy 6:6

Why do you homeschool? What beliefs, experiences and lessons do you want to impart upon your children? I invite you to enjoy a lovely post written for Keeping Them H.O.M.E. by Heather of A Titus 2 Woman. I hope you can glean from her 8 years of homeschooling experience. Be blessed!

I used to really hate that question. My standard answers would range from "Haven't you read Deuteronomy 6?" to "I can't imagine doing a worse job than some public schools" to "Ummmm......."

But, as I have homeschooled through the years, (we are starting the 8th year!) I have learned a lot of things. Humility, for one. And let me tell you how much that hurts some days! I don't have all the answers like I used to think I did. My children spend most days teaching me now, and I love it.

My oldest, who is 12 and would be just entering 7th grade this year came to her father and I one night with her laptop and a list. She had spent time researching requirements for graduation in our state, and came up with a list of classes for an "honors diploma", as well as a plan for completing those 47 credits in the next 4 years. We were astounded, to say the least! While most girls her age are worrying about the latest fashions, cell phones, or the opposite sex, my daughter was thinking about her future!

My oldest son, who is 10, recently went on a discovery flight in our area, where he spent 1/2 hour flying in a Diamond plane. He has spent his days since then doing math on his own, studying airplanes, piloting techniques, and researching which branch of the armed forces would be best for being a fighter pilot. (so far, he's all Navy...)

My youngest child, who just turned 6, has been taught math by his older brother. He knows all his addition and subtraction facts, and has been drilled on his multiplication tables as well. Hard to think that this would be kindergartner knows 3rd grade math like the back of his hand and is learning binary math and PHP programming from his father! Doesn't have much interest in reading on his own yet, since having his siblings read to him is sooo much easier, but he knows and uses words like "interesting" and "quizzically".

My children have also seen their mother all day, and have come to appreciate what I do for them on a regular basis...laundry, dishes, cooking, shopping, ect. They have learned first hand how to budget, grocery shop, compare prices, and even put things back when the amount has gone over. They have seen their father work hard at his job, and yet still have time for them whenever they needed him. They have seen both their parents hit their knees during good times and bad, and rejoiced over answered prayers.

They have and are learning how to run a house with their chores, manage money with their allowances, and learn responsibility with their schoolwork. I know that all kids can learn that, regardless of where they go to school, but the difference is that they are learning it right beside me, day in and day out. I would miss this chance to help shape and mold them if they were in school for 8-10 hours a day. (figuring busing, school time, and after school activities). I have been blessed to be able to homeschool them and watch their faces light up in wonder as they learned new things and grasped them wholeheartedly. Most importantly of all, I have been able to teach them my faith, and learn things about the Lord together. I have witnessed my children grow and learn more about Yeshua, and do it on their own. That has been the best!

And that my dear friends, is the WHY of "Why I Homeschool"....


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