Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thanksgiving Unit Study

Been working on this Thanksgiving Unit Study-- enjoy!

Thanksgiving Unit Study

Hanukkah Unit Study

I have been collecting resources for our celebration of Hanukkah. Through our study, the boys and I have learned a lot about the "real" story of Hanukkah, and we would like to share with you what we have gathered:


The Story of Hanukkah
Books and Videos
Reproducible Worksheets/Handouts
Reference Books/ Research Resources/Maps
Bible Verses
Spelling Words
Hanukkah Crossword
Maps of Maccabean Period

Hanukkah Unit Study

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Homeschooling Goals form

Homeschooling Goals

Monday, November 15, 2010

Visits with friends and other fun things

We were blessed to be able to meet the McDaniel family today (er, technically yesterday) as they were passing through on their way to Costa Rica. Despite our first two options being closed for renovations, we had a very nice time on the boardwalk overlooking the St. John's River. It turned out to be a fabulous backdrop for our pictures. And the kids had fun playing around with the various settings on Daddy's camera phone which led to some very interesting shots :) Here are some of my faves:

I love my boys. . .

Me with the kiddos. . .

Just love these pics.
Makes everything look fake, like the boys are cut-outs...

And... I came across the most wonderful stamp the other day at Michael's. It will be perfect for counting the omer next year. And, it was only $1. Use their 40% off coupon, and it'll be $0.60. Gotta love it :) The sticker on the non-stamping side is bubbly (it was on all of them), but that makes no difference to me. Let me know if you want me to snag you any.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Homeschool Books for FREE

I've been cleaning out my bookshelves lately as I try to pare down the amount of "stuff" we have. Here are a few of the books I need to rehome. If you are interested, you can post here or email me at


All books are free, just pay media mail shipping:

-Primary Mathmatics (Singapore Math) 2B Third Edition ISBN: 9810181663

-Primary Mathmatics (Singapore Math) 4A Textbook US Edition (some pencil markings on about 10 pgs) ISBN: 9810185065

-Primary Mathmatics (Singapore Math) 4B Third Edition - 2 copies ISBN: 9810180829
-Saxon Math 54 ISBN: 1565770331

-Practical Math Skills: Situations-Strategies-Solutions (grades 1-3) ISBN: 0866534644

$2 apiece plus media mail shipping (or all three for $10 PPD):

-Classic Curriculum- Writing Series 1 Book 3 by Mott Media ISBN: 0880622180

-Classic Curriculum- Writing Series 2 Book 1 by Mott Media ISBN: 0880622202

-Classic Curriculum- Reading Series 1 Book 3 by Mott Media ISBN: 0880622024

$7 plus media mail shipping for all Shurley materials:

-Shurley English Homeschooling Grammar & Composition Level 4 Teacher’s Manual (with cd) *includes Practice Booklet (1/2 written in & in very used condition) & Student Workbook (1/2 written in) & Jingles ISBN: 1585610364

$2 plus media mail shipping:

-Literature-Based Multicultural Activities: An Integrated Approach (Grades K-3) ISBN: 0590431857

$2 plus media mail shipping:

-Clearly Social Studies Grade 1 ISBN: 0768206294