Sunday, June 6, 2010

this week, by subject

Wanna know what we have planned for this week at school???


Torah Explorers for this week's portion: "Korah" קורח {Numbers 16:1-18:32, 1 Samuel 11:14-12:22, John 9-12}
--I have been so enjoying studying Scripture this way. Each week we read a "portion" comprised of the Torah ("Law"), Haftorah ("Prophets") & Brit Chadasha ("ReNEWed Testament"). Torah Explorers is exactly what it claims to be: "A Torah Study Guide for the Young & Young at Heart". Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information in certain chapters (sometimes books) in the Old Testament, and spent much of my initial devotional time focused on "easier" (*teehee, yeah right!) to understand chapters in the Renewed Testament. Torah Explorers has been a crucial guidemap to making sense of it, and oh the treasures contained within!!!! I always thought the Bible contained tons of information, but every week I am so in awe of the blessings of wisdom it contains. It all weaves together in an awesome and unparalleled way! Even the boys are picking up pearls of wisdom and making connections. :D

Hebrew alphabet & days of the week

This Country of Ours {US History} audio & text


Writing Strands
Singapore Math
Number the Stars {independent reading}
--My brother's copy {which was originally mine from 4th grade, but then he wrote his name on it ;P} I remember this book having a stringent impact on me as a young girl. I think dear Christian would be more interested in it if the protagonist was a girl, but I look forward to the discussions...

Writing Strands
Singapore Math
The Giggler Treatment
--I chose this one for Keegan, but it a far lighter book than Christian's. He's never been too big on chapter books, so I am trying to ease him into them by appealing to his comic side. I'll let you know how it goes...

As always, this is not a hard and fast plan. I try to stay away from those, as I want to keep open to YHVH, who often has other ideas for me. I do think it is important to have an outline, at least it is for me, so that I do not flit around from one thing to another, and so I have a reference point when I get off track.

May you have a blessed week. . .


Stephanie said...

I have downloaded the Torah Explorers, can't wait to use them with my kids this week. :)

Looks like you have a fabulous week planned.

Leslie said...

Thanks, Stephanie! Torah Explorers is fabulous. I have also enjoyed the resources on Torah Tots, though they are Jewish, not Messianic, they are quite helpful.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the visit to your blog. We use the Torah Explores as well, even with our 14 yr old...she likes the crosswords and such. :)

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