Friday, June 4, 2010

The Homeschool Pantry

I am not an adventurous cook, in fact it is only lately that YHVH has blessed me with the excitement and motivation to cook. I am slowly learning "the basics". It is the same way with my homeschooling. While I love to incorporate unexpected things into our lessons, I still need to have a good foundation in the unlikely {*wink wink} event I am feeling less creative or less enthusiastic one day.

In any good cookbook, you will find a suggested pantry list. I love looking at these, collecting said items and finding that I can make practically anything just out of my pantry. When I am stocked up, I find I spend less at the grocery store and go less often, and I have less of an desire to impulsively buy items. You can do this with your homeschool supplies as well. And, halleluYAH, often items can serve dual purposes for baking and learning :D

picture from City Kids Homeschooling {because her pantry is far neater than mine}

Uses: pastes, playdoh, paper mache', baking galore

BAKING SODA- As natural deodorizer, mild abrasive and leavening agent, baking soda is vital to any household and can be used in substitution for many pricier items. I have sprinkled baking soda on the carpet to take away odors, used it to scrub my counters, and included it in most baked goods I've made. My husband uses it to help indigestion. He simply eats a spoonful, but, when added to vinegar, it works like Alka Seltzer. Check here for more detailed instructions. And, an added plus, like many other products listed on this list, it is C-H-E-A-P!

My best friend shared with me a wonderful way to remember the use for baking soda as opposed baking powder. The difference is that "Soda spreads, powder puffs."

Kitchen Crafts 'n More lists about forty uses for baking soda ranging from beauty & bath to cleaning to health.

Uses: lubricates anything, science projects, arts & crafts

Uses: science experiments, cleaning (it is a natural disinfectant)

Uses: the uses for the cartons are endless. . .

Uses: math, sorting, music (think shakers), science (remember the bean in the paper towel?),

Uses: dying clothing, dying play-doh/homemade clay, various edible opportunities

SOAP ~ liquid and bar
I'd suggest Dawn--it has the best degreaser and makes good bubbles.
Uses {bar}: whittling, science
Uses {liquid}: cleaning grease out of anything, bubbles

Uses: art projects, science (electricity conductor)

Uses: stampmaking, garden experiments, and tons of other ideas here and here

That's all I have for now, but my list keeps growing.
What do you stock in your homeschool pantry???


Mrs Mary Joy Pershing said...

I really love this! I am new to homeschooling...this is our first year...I am taking notes, sister!!! Thank you!!! :D

Mrs Mary Joy Pershing

Steph Davis Price said...

Ziploc-type storage and/or freezer bags, both gallon and quart sized. Lots of flashcards, game pieces, and paperwork have been stored in them. Perfect for holding a quick sandwich on the run or freezing foods for sure, too.

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