Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you haven't used Swagbucks before, I would totally recommend doing so. I am certainly not one for earning money taking millions of polls, applying for promotions from which I will soon have to subscribe, or, well, basically anything I don't already do.

Enter...Swagbucks. Points, er "bucks" that you can earn just for searching the web, taking polls (yes, but just one a day :P) or entering codes on hunts like the one today. And, yes, you also get bucks for referrals, so make sure to spread the word. These bucks can buy you paypal money, amazon giftcards, music, frankly whatever you can think of. And, yeehaw, its free!!!

Search & Win

Anyways, there is a hunt going on today until 3:30 PDT. If you enter the swagcode in correctly, it is worth 11 bucks. Check the SwagBucks blog for a clue.

If you want to join now-- it's free! Plus get 50 swagbucks to start you out. Enter code SWAGNATION5 when you sign-up here!

Search & Win

And here's my clue to add to the one on the blog: Info Here


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