Sunday, November 22, 2009

recent happenings

I cannot express how good the past week has been. It is nearly miraculous. While it has been far from perfect, there has been a fair share of unkind talk, and plenty of messes, it has been wonderfully serene at times. It seems Christian has made a good friend in a boy from our homeschool co-op. This is such a blessing. Keegan started piano and is already describing himself as a "piano player". And Dalton is, well, wild--full of energy, spunk, full of life.

Christian and I (honestly, it was mostly Christian) made these felted acorns. I think they turned out adorably. In doing this project we also discovered that grubs live in acorns. I thought they were maggots. My husband couldn't believe my naivete. He laughed and taught the boys some about herbivorous and carnivorous animals. Grubs are the former, and maggots, being the latter, would not be found in acorns. I love how so many unintentional moments become teaching moments. I thank the Lord for all the blessings He has given me.A week and a half ago, Dalton and I planted some random seeds I had in the cabinet. I know it is not an ideal time for planting but, hey, it's Florida and frankly they were just sitting in my cabinet. So, pumpkins, watermelons, tomatoes and parsley went into some pots.

Dalton managed to drop the heaviest ceramic pot on his finger (from a few inches) and completely lost a fingernail. Amazing. It's amazing how quickly things can happen.

So, we put the pots on the shelves, and I later transplanted them into bigger pots when they started to sprout. I figured a pumpkin could not grow in a pot that was smaller than it was supposed to be ;P

We had all the fixin's for a pumpkin pie (minus the crust), and the boys were begging me for their new found favorite dessert, so I decided to attempt a pie crust by hand. I think it was a success.
After talking to Brie, I realized the only issue with the pie, the soggy undercrust, could have been prevented by precooking the pie crust before filling it. So, I learned something. :) Between the 5 of us, we ate it all in one evening.

Before we made the pumpkin pie, the boys were helping me tidy up the kitchen. I asked Keegan to sweep, and he was thrilled, telling me emphatically, "I love to sweep!" Great. It's going on the chore list ;P

We have been participating in some of the weekly activities with the Jax Homeschoolers. What a blessing that has been!!! Christian has made a new (possibly best) buddy, and we have participated in PE, Science, crafting and just playing. The moms in the group are fabulous, and all of my boys seem to like it (Thank You, Lord!)

I forgot to take pictures on PE Day, but we haphazardly played baseball (once the tee broke, we were done for) than make Native American talking sticks. Christian was very into this, while Keegan and Dalton mostly played at the park.

Friday was Science Friday at Kitty's house. She has a plethora of kits, so we divided into groups and worked on either Chemistry, Light, Electricity, or Energy.

Keegan chose Chemistry and Christian worked on Energy making a battery operated and solar powered car.
Keegan learned about oil and water, mixed salt and sugar with water to see if it would dissolve, among other fun ideas.

Dalton ran around collecting Mr. Potato Head pieces and proudly showing them to us in intervals.

Lord, thank You for showing me your plan for us, for being faithful even when I am flighty. Thank You, Lord, for the many blessings You have bestowed on us. Let us know Your will and have the integrity to follow it.


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