Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's Go To. . .Ancient Egypt

I am going to be using Tapestry of Grace with the boys this year. We are going to be in Year One studying Ancient Egypt first. Found some great links I thought I'd share with you:

Write Your Name in Heiroglyphs
Guardian's Ancient Egypt Kid Connection- TONS of links: Build Your Own Mummy, Build a Scale- Model Pyramid, quizzes
Cleveland Museum of Art Egyptomania
Ancient Egypt for Kids
Ancient Egypt for Kids- Woodlands Junior School
Ancient Egypt on Kids Konnect- tons of links


Christin said...

How exciting!! We are doing Tapestry Year 2 this year. :)

Vincent said...

I have a page on my blog that is very popular with schools that you might be interested in. It's an educational games page with some authentic ancient Egyptian games to play:


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